A piece of the Berlin Wall, my best photo

Museum visits are rare in Las Vegas, which is why when people travel outside of it, they should be encouraged to visit them. This is especially true for when people travel to Washington, D.C., a city filled with museums and cultural activities. However, although there is much to choose from, there is a special museum located in the nation’s capital, which is of relevance and importance to those who come from Las Vegas.

The Newseum should not only be a priority location to visit for Las Vegans for its portrayal of journalism, but also, because one of the great personalities from our city, Hank Greenspun, who founded the Las Vegas Sun, is tied to the marvelous institution. This is due to the fact the Hank Greenspun Family are a founding member of the Newseum. Therefore, Journalism students from Nevada, especially those at UNLV who attend the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies, should pay a visit to the Newseum when they visit Washington, D.C.

Yet, although it is a good reason to go to a museum because of historical ties, it is important for people to realize that when they go to the Newseum, they will come out with a different idea of what journalism is.

This is exactly why I chose the Newseum as subject for photographs. True, by my post website, any person could tell that I am absolutely in love with the place and I would live there if I could, but through the rest of the photographs, I believe I am able to convey how amazing the place truly is and how important it is not only for journalism students, but for all to know about it and be able to experience it at least once in their lifetimes.

Although the photos are not taken with a flashy digital camera, but rather with a simple iPhone, which died in the middle of my fifth tour throughout the Newseum, I am certain that through the few pictures I was able to take, there are attention some which are attention-grabbing and interesting to people. I mean, who is not going to want to go to this place after knowing that there is a piece of the Berlin Wall inside of it (the antenna of the North Tower of what used to be The World Trade Center is also there but I couldn’t take a picture as my phone had died), or after seeing that, opposite to common belief, the U.S. is not the first for press freedoms in the world.

All in all, the Newseum shows a special side of journalism, history, politics and freedom. It is one of my favorite places in the world and has an intrinsic tie to our journalism school and our city.