For this weeks blog post I decided to take a visit to the Las Vegas Wetlands Park at 7050 Wetlands Park Lane Las Vegas, NV 89122. After a little reading online I discovered it is actually the largest park in Clark County. At 2,900 acres, I was surprised I’d never even heard of this place with all the years I’ve lived in Las Vegas. I found this park to be a pretty interesting place to visit and walk through. I can tell it will take a few visits to see all the areas of the park. There are several trails you can take that surround the Las Vegas Wash within the park. While I hiking I was unaware most of the time which trail I was on, I’d recommend taking the visitor map at the parking lot. Seven miles being the longest trail and one mile being the shortest trail listed. Primary trails are paved and secondary trails are graveled for easy access. Best part about the park is admission is free and it’s open dawn to dusk. The only drawback is dogs aren’t allowed, this is due to wildlife and vegetation in the area.

“The Wetlands Park is also home to the coyote, whose diet consists of rabbits, mice, ground squirrels, lizards, insects, grasses and fruits.”

While I was visiting I saw several rabbits and many birds. I read on Yelp that a lot of people enjoy using this park early in the morning for bird watching. I’d have to agree the morning is a much nicer time to enjoy the area, much cooler outside. Learning how a wetland functions is also very interesting and not something you find in every city. In Las Vegas, with all the flooding the wetlands serves the community in ways many don’t recognize.

Overall, well worth the trip if only to remind me what Las Vegas probably looked like before it became so populated. To see all my photos click here.