In order to have a beautiful, dreamy, and fascinating day, you must surround yourself with precisely those things. Town Square Las Vegas is the perfect place to have a gorgeous day or night, whether you’re single, taken, or have a family. There is constant music playing that is familiar to any ear and the scenery makes you feel like you’re in a movie. There are many events and areas for children to enjoy the weather and each other. The shopping is relaxing and never too crowded. One may forget they are in Las Vegas when you spend your day in Town Square. It is a beautiful place to read a book, listen to music, or go on a date. Its located on Las Vegas Boulevard, a mile south of Mandalay Bay. There are also many great spots for food such as Texas de Brazil, California Pizza Kitchen, and Yard House. Blue Martini is also a great place for a night out with the ladies, or to have a drink with a friend. It is meant for a good time that never disappoints. Many events are held here as well, such as, charity walks and runs. The center of Town Square is full of green grass and a beautiful fountain for families to enjoy on a warm summer night. One of the greatest things about Town Square is that it is always clean and safe for children of all ages. It also features a children’s playground area while mothers shop their day away. It attracts the residents of Las Vegas because it is located on the outskirts of the strip. Therefore, no worries about crowds and unsanitary areas. Rave Motion Theater is also located in Town Square, it is one of the finest in Las Vegas. So come one, come all to this delightful little getaway in Las Vegas and you’ll be taken away by the beauty of Town Square. The reason I chose Town Square for my topic is because it is one of my getaway places in Las Vegas. It is a beautiful place and makes the camera’s job easier. I used the HD camera on my iPhone and edited the lighting of the pictures using another application. For the rest of the photos visit my Flickr and enjoy!