Las Vegas is known for the nightlife, gambling, and as “the City that never sleeps.” But what can people do who aren’t into the slot machines or table games? For me, I have found that bright lights of a concert to be my nightlife.

Live music and concerts can be found anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip. My favorite venues are the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay and Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip. There is also the The Joint at the Hard Rock Cafe Casino. These venues have the best atmosphere for concerts. Fans can get up close and personal with the artist and the music blasts through the speakers. The photo above is at a ¬†Yellowcard concert at the House of Blues and it best describes the connection with the artist and their fans. It is a great feeling to go to a concert and you are surrounded by people who also love the artist as much as you do. You can sing and dance and not care because everyone else around you are doing the same thing. The music is blasting out of the speakers that it pumps throughout your body and you leave the concert with an energy high that you don’t want the concert to end. It is the same feeling when a person wins at the slot machine or poker table. You just have an energy high.

For the genre of music I listen to, the House of Blues and the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip is where I go most for concerts. These venues gives fans the chance to meet their favorite artists after the concert and get up close to the artist when they are performing. This is how I am allowed to take pictures at concerts. They have great security just in case something were to happen. They provide ways for 21+ fans to get their drinks and they also serve regular fountain drinks too. I really do enjoy both of these venues.

I love concert photography especially when I take pictures showing great lighting and emotion from the artist. I really do not like editing pictures because then the picture would not be as real as it should be. I take pictures at concerts with my Nikon D60 with the regular 18-55mm lens. For most concerts, I am usually in the pit, which is where the fans are, but sometimes I do have a press badge that will let me in where the security stands to get closer to the artists.

Nonetheless, concerts in general are my nightlife choices. Check out my concert photography on my Flickr account itsjustkathyb.