Over these past few years our world has turned 24/7. You could say that a lot of it is credited to online social networking. Twitter and Facebook are leading the online social networking community. With these two social networking sites information with breaking news is spread and people are informed instantaneously. For this reason, these social networking sites have in their own way become a must for professional journalist to have and use to their advantage.


For journalistic purposes Twitter and Facebook are an extremely valuable tool to get their stories out to an audience and possible readers that they couldn’t normally get with just print journalism. Now more than ever journalist can become their own writing stars because with social networking they can alert the web of their new work that they can publish strictly on their own without having to go to anyone for verification. It gives more accuracy for connecting with your audience as a journalist because now you can directly communicate with your audience and see what they think on what topic your are writing about.

Journalist can use twitter to post tweet updates on new publishing’s and see who are following them (fans). For facebook journalist can expand their description of who they are and what they do, to give their fans more of a gist of their neccesity to the social network.

On top of that journalist can also check out what their competition is publishing!

One thing that journalist can never forget in using social networking is that you are going for fans. This is what the term is about. Your socially connecting with your fans and I see this as a personal experience for growth in journalist to know they have fans and see them in action to message you on your writing and your point of views. Believe it that they will pay you back someday, if they want to continue having you around as a credited journalist.


Of course on the other end their is a hazard to using facebook and twitter for professional purposes. The biggest harzard I see is the lost of professionalism by journalist seeking to get the information out quick. Meaning, now that since new information is spread in seconds journalist are finding it more important to be the first to come out with story. So their finding it unimportant to check and verify their sources for the accuracy of the storytelling.


I also see it affecting journalist like it would for normal people that have had problems because of what they put out on their web page. In the journalism courses that I’ve taken I’m always asked the same thing, “If an employer googled, facebook, or twitter searched your name, what would the find or see?”


Journalist should also be cautious of what information they put on their twitter and facebook pages.A safe practive I would recommend for journalist to have separate accounts. An account for professional purposes that are open and public and one for your personal life and private from the public.


I’m really convinced somewhere down the road their will be a code of ethics for journalist using social networking. It’s funny because some of my fellow journalist majors joke about how getting the information out first is the most important….. we believe telepathy is going to be next!