Our social world changes day by day. So everything we input today, we have to make sure the output is even better tomorrow. The majority of people use to get their news on a paper physically delivered by someone else. Today, most people get their news via Internet. Newspapers are preferred by the older generation instead. It’s a phenomenon how much different social networking has becoming. Twitter for example is one of the fastest growing networks of the new generations. It brings many companies, organizations, and people great benefits. I believe it would be a great benefit for journalists to connect with their readers. Also, it is a great way to connect with other professional and public figures relating to a topic. I believe journalists should explore new media in order to stay ahead of the game. Some hazards of using social media professionally can be hackers that can ruin someone’s reputation. Some examples for journalistic Twitter is The Wall Street JournalImage courtesy of morguefile.com and Oprah both use twitter to connect with their audiences. Twitter is almost like a mini blog. posting tweets relevant to a topic or conversation is the best way to get a reader’s attention via social network. Some of the best practices a writer can do inroads to have an walk flow is keeping things short and sweet. hence, twitter might come in handy for learning  to text effectively and keep a sentence short instead of dragging it on. Some tools a journalists may use is hash tags or simply searching a person’s name. in the search bar. I think it is important to be well rounded when you are a journalists. You may have to deal with all sorts of stories and topics and its good to be familiar then i could use my quality time in.