Facebook and Twitter can be considered to be the newest forms of blogging, or rather short blogging. Usually blogging is for medium or long length journal entries about a matter of information or persuasion over a conflict. Facebook and Twitter are not really designed for journalistic entries, instead, those forms of networking are designed for announcements, marketing, and other types of short length information. In fact, many businesses in the world utilize Facebook and Twitter for those particular purposes. They show pictures of products, or they’ll update their status on other business purposes through marketing or promotion.

Facebook was originally just for college students at Harvard back in 2004 where they got to know one another and stay within the loop with each other for academic reasons. This was shortly before Mark Zuckerberg, who was a Harvard student as well, expanded it and turned it into a globally social phenomenon. Here is the documentary (if you will) and process that unfolded eight years ago: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1285016/

Facebook and Twitter have reached out to more and more business and personal websites, inviting people to view their Facebook and Twitter pages for more information and continual updates. This is a prime example of how both social networks have become professional in the journalistic world. And, not to mention, celebrities and even journalists themselves work with the networks in order to keep everyone in the loop of their work as well as personal events. In turn, people track information, statistics, and even important updates from a business or friend that can be shared just like a chain letter.

Speaking of personal events, one must always be cautious with what they say and share on these networks. Especially if one is in the professional world where “reputation” is a word of importance. They must conduct themselves professionally at all times when using Facebook or Twitter. This way, they can avoid the risk of becoming in trouble with their employers or the public. This is an example of someone who did outrageous things in eyeshot of the media and damaged her reputation on several occasions: http://www.eonline.com/news/lindsay_lohan_tweets_off_about_dear_old/174506

This is just a way how personal matters from celebrities as well as from other media-lit people let their not-so-happy personal matters surface. So, apparently, for these kinds of matters, Twitter and Facebook can be hazardous depending on what you share with the world.

Best practices through Facebook and Twitter is measured by just how much you use them, through all of your means of communication with your friends and business individuals. You don’t learn about theamenities of these networks over night, that comes with time. I believe time is the best practice for anything that consists of so much to learn from. Especially like these social networks that continue to grow everyday!