Looking for a theme was a somewhat difficult task… I wish I had the ability to create a theme myself so that I could customize it exactly the way I wanted.  So many of the themes that were showcased were unable to personally customize, I want to be able to change the background, add pictures, change font colors and sizes.

After searching through all the themes I had my heart set on Manloya, it was perfect, it had a Cosmopolitan feel to it.  Since my screen name is BeautyGuru702 I thought it would be perfect and really tie in the name and the theme.  The theme displayed multiple colors, shades of purples and pinks with two clean columns.  The theme also had five clean beauty shots that were displayed at the top of the page, giving it a very beauty magazine type feel.  When I activated the theme, I was unable to do any changes to the page itself; I wanted it to display BeautyGuru702, instead of Manloya.

Frustrated that my first choice did not work out I went on the hunt for a solid color theme, something open, clean, bold, with only two columns, no pictures, and preferably black.   I ended up going with Dirty Blue, because it was a very calming theme to look at.  Even though it wasn’t a solid black, the dark blue appears to fade into black.  I like the way the lighter blue in the center blends into darker shades of blue as it progresses to the ends of the page.  I like the white font color of the headers, and the baby blue font color of the text.  The shades of blue and white reminded me of my old Air Force days.

Most of the themes only allowed you to customize widgets in the sidebar.  I wanted to keep this simple.  It already had widgets for “Search, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Archives, Categories, and Meta.”  I added “Twitter Widget Pro, and Calendar.”  I wanted to have a “Twitter Widget” to link my Twitter account to my blog, and a Calendar.