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Social media is taking over the world.  It only makes sense for everyone to make it work to their advantage. Twitter has become a platform for various causes from millions of users.  With only 140 characters a tweet, we have to be able to keep it short and simple.

Journalists who use Twitter are able to use it to broadcast breaking news; sometimes with a link to their main site so that the viewer can get a more in-depth look at the story.  Simon Nixon, a Wall Street Journal columnist, uses twitter to post updates, and give hyperlinks to the main website with full stories.  People on twitter can post their comments opening up a dialogue between the writer and readers.  The readers can also tweet to each other.  Twitter can also be used by local news, people can tweet story suggestions, or an issue that needs investigative reporting.  News stations and magazines can also do polls where people vote on Twitter to help get the viewers involved making them feel more connected with the journalists and writers.  Twitter can also be used to get feedback on the quality of the news station or company associated with the account.

Twitter accounts can also be linked into Facebook, so the user is able to tweet simultaneously on both accounts.  Keeping followers and friends in the loop, and possibly giving the user an opportunity to network and gain a larger following.

Social media sites like Twitter, and Facebook can get one in trouble if you are not careful when posting.  Posting faux pas have cost some users their jobs. Keep in mind to keep it professional and remember it’s the Internet; it’s visible to everyone.  Even though you may be able to remove an old post; on Twitter you cannot remove someone else’s, so if you get backlash for a tweet, it will forever be visible.