Twitter and/or Facebook can be used for several professional journalistic purposes. With the advancing necessities of careers today, utilizing social media platforms can be used to its ultimate advantage and benefit those who “tweet” or Facebook accordingly. For all journalists alike, posting on Twitter and/or Facebook has the ability to enhance the points made, messages sent, and requests pending. People can easily access the information made available, and content ranging from vital information to fluffy feature pieces can cross multiple platforms at just the click of a button. It is apparent how social networking has revolutionized the journalistic work force.

In “How We Use Twitter for Journalism,” Marshall Kirkpatrick writes:

One of the defining characteristics of Twitter is its ease of use. While getting engaged enough to find value in the service does require some initial investment of time and energy – on a day to day and minute by minute basis, Twitter is remarkably easy to post to. As a result, people often post things they discover to Twitter before or instead of posting it to a blog.

As he continues with the notion that it’s common to discover items of interest first on Twitter, I could not agree more. Twitter is expressive, direct, and most of all, convenient. The same may be applied to the use of Facebook. Who wouldn’t want to incorporate convenience into the system of their professional career?

Not only does it provide important information that may pertain to an individual’s interest, posting on a social network like Twitter and Facebook encourages a connection between followers alike.

This generation in particular has acquired a trait that leaves them wanting more — more ideas, more information, more creativity, more, more, more. Excessive? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely. Social networking continues to surround us with capabilities that can be managed at ease and used to its greatest advantage, so it is imperative that those involved stay connected.

Stay calm, cool, and connected.



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