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Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites. Many would look at any social networking sites as something that is only used for play. But with everyone becoming more dependent on these sites and spending so much time on them, it only makes sense for business’ to try to get in on them. For something people are already on several times throughout the day, why not have your business pop up on there? It’s only promoting your business in a cheaper way than most advertisements.

Aside from promoting a business, these websites can be used to promote yourself. You can word tweets or posts in a way that catches peoples’ attentions and then lead them to your article or post. This way your catching a whole new audience that may of never checked out the site that your work is on, or may of never of even known that you write!

While speaking about how you can use these sites to further your career, it’s important to avoid what could hurt your career. You never want to cross the line in mixing play with work. You should have a separate account on these sites for your professional and your social self. Your Professor or possible future boss do not need to see you partying it up during Spring Break. So you should always keep separate accounts and if on your social account you have things that you wouldn’t want certain people to see, make sure it’s extremely private! Now-in-days employers do look at the social networking sites to see what type of employee you would be and I’m pretty sure you want them to take you as a serious responsible Journalist versus a crazy college kid!

Be smart! Use these social networking sites to further your career! But know where to draw the line!