The official title of my theme is, Fancy 1.1.8. It took much deliberation for me to select this theme. I liked this theme because it really has some uniqueness to it. This theme seems so upbeat to me and I feel like it would be an instant read for my audience because of it’s color scheme and layout. Those were the two thing I was concerned the most with in deciding a theme.


Colors tell a lot about the mood and emotion in settings. For the headline texts in the main column, it has a bright color of pink in the background and yellow for the side column. The bright colors serve as fancy for me and I found theme easily attractable. I was really worried about the spacing because it looks really generic to see a lot of white. I think it gives it an emptiness appeal like your page is missing features. So I like how the black sidebars gives it a finishing touch.


I was really choosy on the layout. I know this from the experience of looking at other people blog pages. It is really a pain for me to navigate in a page with so many links and texts to different things because you get lost in what your looking for. In this layout it’s easy to find my ‘About’ link and just the right text size to spot it. It was especially important for me to have a layout that was not all that digital and technical. I think about my fans overseas and the ones that don’t have a up to speed computer to download a bunch of effects, videos, and animations. A simple navigation to keep them on the page for all to access on the same level.


I’ll admit I do like to keep it simple but you can always add style to it. This theme to me is like something I would seem in a pop culture magazine. So I want my readers to feel they can read my work with style and appeal.