My new theme communicates a new message to me in many forms. In one way, I see it has a home as well as pretty wrapping paper to support the blogs and just how appealing they may read, not just look. I believe my theme has yet to grow with images from blogs and experiences that I encounter in the near future to add to this course. In many ways, I believe it’s the personality of the blogger showing what they can be creative through the eyes that only their imagination sees and we cannot. That is the beauty of customization, we’re able to hold creative thoughts and execute them with one click of a mouse. Though, it takes work for our minds to equal such results, we’re able to see in the end of our process that our minds can do wonderful things if we make the effort.

The colors of my page project a very homey, welcoming appearance to allow those to read my blogs to feel at ease. And not be burdened by heavy coloration to which they get lost in and can’t find certain links with. I hope that I can continue to make it more user friendly within the near future to keep that mission going. It’s slightly sophisticated and has yet to grow with colors and more user friendly accommodations. Also, I hope that it can be even more customized, but most¬†importantly, I don’t want to get carried away. I want it sophisticated, yet, clean and direct. I will also need to change this banner of colors and explore new things with it for the well being of my page.

Since I am still fairly new with this page, I will hope to find ways to add images to add to the taste of the page and the blogs as well. I like to explore new ventures with blogging and technology, and also creating new things with strengthening my techniques with the page. As far as manipulating images, I’m still manipulating the whole page and my knowledge with it so that too is still in the upcoming. Along with a great cup of coffee!

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