An inspiration, the Newseum.


Nowadays, I find that the majority of people, and even research, assumes that young people (by that I mean anyone younger than 35, sorry guys) are naturally good with technology and computers. This is of course a massive generalization as I continually encounter people my same age having trouble with technology. Although, I must admit that their technology issues have to deal with formulas on Excel or something fancy like that. This has progressively become an issue as for me, as the technological issues I have deal with me not being able to figure out how to change my profile picture on Facebook.

You are probably laughing now at the mere thought of a 22-year-old modern woman who trouble with the simplest of technologies, but I guess I have just been confortable enough with having the great ability of turning computers on and off and restraining my relationship with technology to just that.

You can imagine then, how terrified I was when I came to the realization of having to take an online class, and on top of that, an online web designing course. It is like learning a new language in a foreign country, where the immersion is overwhelming, especially for someone like me, who cannot complete simple tasks such as logging in to WordPress and has to call and email her professor 6 times in one day to be able to complete her homework assignment.

However, it seems that I am coming into my own when it comes to the Internet and setting up my own blogs and websites.

As mentioned in a prior blog, as a journalist, the continual push to become multifaceted and be able to work with a variety of different platforms has become crucial. Therefore, after many horrific moments in front of the computer trying to get my online classroom to work, I was finally able to get started and personalize my blog.

Although, as far as I understand, I was supposed to choose a theme based on what worked best in terms of different design concepts, to the disappointment of my professor, I had to choose one that didn’t show up as a pop-up, allowed me to log into the account and  was easy to edit. Maybe not the best reasons to chose a theme for a blog that has the potential to reach many, but that’s what I am going with especially, since thanks to the editing of the theme, I was really able to personalize it and make it my own.

At the beginning, my theme had a beautiful landscape background that looked as though the picture had been snapped in the middle of Montana. As much as I love Montana, that theme said absolutely nothing about me so I had to change it to something that reflected my personality better. Therefore, I decided to change the default background for a picture I took of one of my favorite places in the country, the Newseum (if you ever travel to Wahington, D.C., you must go).

Right in front of the building, they have a huge wall with an engraving of the First Amendment. Really, what kind of self-respecting and American-educated journalist doesn’t like something like that? Consequently, my background portrays the ideals by which we become free through the power of information. I am pretty happy with it although, given that I am not a professional photographer, I didn’t notice the gigantic light post in front of the picture until I posted it on my blog. Oh well.

It figures right? That when we see something we like that we were able to do for ourselves, it becomes cool to us. This makes technology and WordPress cool to me now …  it seems.

Additionally, I was able to change the color scheme of the page into gray, which portrays my “lively” color palate and matches perfectly with the First Amendment mural, as well as with the additional header picture I placed of the country’s newspapers from outside the Newseum building.

This works perfect. Although I am having huge trouble getting comfortable with the website, WordPress is proving to be fantastic in terms of me being able to change things I don’t like and allowing me to customize my blog to make it more reflective of me. Not only is my personality reflected in the color scheme, but also in the pictures and overall design and, best of all,  I am not afraid of pressing a key as I am aware that if I don’t like a alteration, I can change it back. Absolutely fantastic.

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