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The name of my theme is called The Erudite. Erudite means having or showing great knowledge and learning. The meaning and the style of this theme intrigued me. The mood of my theme is straightforward and adequate, a little something like Ernest Hemingway’s style of writing. Hemingway’s style was rooted in journalism, and when he was a reporter he gave a very hard accounting of details and facts. So when he began to write fiction he drew on very simple words, everyday ways of saying things, ordinary speech,  and rhythms. Therefore, his style embedded in me and that is why my theme is also open and airy, because I do not want other elements that are irrelevant taking away from my recent posts. The color of my theme communicates classiness and originality. I want my readers to remember that even though im writing online and new technology increases the viewers of modern news that I admire the old fashioned era. My blog theme supports one column so that readers can focus on what they are reading and then venture into other posts without them jumping at you. My theme doesn’t have much customizing because of the style it was made in. I like the way it is without the extra junk. I enjoy simple and classier themes when it comes to representing my writing because the words speak for themselves. If I had a picture blog I would probably add more color to it, but I don’t. Its true that when people try to explain something complicated they tend to use complicated terms for the sake of expressing it. No matter how great your vocabulary is, if your readers can’t connect with the things you say you’re not effective, they will leave. That is also how I feel about my blog theme. I do not want it to be overwhelming because I do not intend my writing to be either. I have explored other bloggers and I enjoyed everyone’s personal touch. I’m looking forward to more genuine and intellectual posts that you writers will be creating.