Being that this is my first blog, I’m learning everything from scratch. While I know the basics of print design, web design is a whole other beast. That said, I opted for a simple blog I could easily update on a regular basis. The theme I decided on incorporates a simple two column layout, left column my blog posts, smaller right column acts as navigation. When writing my blog posts I try to focus on what I enjoy reading blogs for, their opinions. I learn about new trends specific to what I’m interested in and enjoy the personal touch a blog provides. If I wanted just the facts I’d find another site to explain all the features without bias.
I know I explained a little about my title in the about me section, but I wanted to discuss the design elements further. I just fell in love with this theme! I love the tension between the black and white, hopefully drawing eyes to the center of the page. The background reminds me of a Rorschach test but the colors make it visually interesting.

“Another sleek, sexy color option is deep, glossy black. Black is not as dark or depressing as you might think, especially if you add some glamour with flashes of sparkle or glitter.” To find out what the color of your blog means click here.

The black worked well with what I was going for and the fonts are easy to read sans serifs. Form follows function, meaning function of my blog is my primary concern. Form being any design aspects I decide to add and the actual layout. I was going for simple, thought provoking, and a design that echos where I want the blog to go. I’ll leave you with the question, if your message never reaches the audience what good will it serve?