I found it rather difficult to choose a blog theme only because I wasn’t sure which one would allow me to customize it even further.  I’m a big fan of color and believes that color makes thing stand out a lot more and therefore gets people’s attention.  Imagine if you are flipping through the newspaper, majority of the time you will first look at any pictures that are on display, then continue to read the headlines and maybe the lead, from there you make a rational decision whether or not you will finish reading the article of skip to a more interesting story.  Blogs are a lot like this in the sense that the initial appearance (theme, background, color and overall layout) will attract or turn readers away.  My theme is designed to have people think about paradise and what’s better than that.  

My theme that I chose is a great one for me because it reminds me a lot of my home state of Hawaii.  I instantly was drawn to it because of the sunset and plumeria flower that was displayed.  I can only hope that this appeals to others the way it did for me.  I continued to look further but none was like this one.  After activating it I realized that you need a flickr account to change any of the setting or add more customizations.  I strongly felt that even with little changes in the original design, this theme suited me best because of the feel I was going for.  I knew I wanted to somehow contribute Hawaii into my blog and have this blog about a Hawaiian perspective.  This theme matched that concept very well.  

I wasn’t able to change the menu of my blog but I was able to add widgets and thought this was a good addition to my blog.  I chose to add a calendar widget because I know that I am always using one.  This is just a convenient way for my readers to be able to know what day it is.

I also added google news because news is something everyone should pay attention to.  Especially as a journalism class, we should all stay updated with what’s going on around our world.  By adding this widget to my blog it allows everyone to be able to view the headlines of the more recent news articles.

The last widget that I added was my recent posts.  When creating a blog, I’ve learned that you want to do everything you can to keep readers on your page and view all aspects of the blog.  By easily displaying my recent posts, readers will have no trouble looking at previous posts or catching up on the blog posts that they have missed.  Because our world is turning into a “convenient” one we need to keep up with that, everyone wants things to be easily accessible.  I wanted to incorporate that fast, easy feel to my blog.

My blog, while simple, really does describe me and my views.  Sometimes simple is better and the pictures displayed in the headers is just enough color to attract attention.