For my blog, I chose the Protean 1.0 theme by Landau Reece.  I made this decision because I think that theme looks much more like a professional website than many of the others. There aren’t very many posts on my blog yet, but based on the preview of a fully-furnished blog page offered on the themes page, it looks extremely promising:

First of all, it has a lot of  white space.  You don’t look at the website and get overwhelmed by texts and photos; instead, there are nice big margins, a few select photos, and an amount of text that is manageable for the eyes.  White space looks clean, which is an inviting look for someone who is about to use a new website.  The theme has a fairly simple layout, which makes it easy to navigate.

The way the layout of this particular theme is, it looks more like a website than a blog, which I liked.  People are more likely to take a news source seriously if it looks like a professional website, instead of an amateur blog. With websites like WordPress and Blogspot becoming more and more popular, it is easy to achieve a well-made look without having to hire on an HTML expert or programmer.  The sleek menus dissolve in and out of view depending on where your cursor is on the screen, and they contain widgits, which let readers explore calendars, archives, different groups created through the blog, and many other options that are easily changeable.   It makes posted photos look really nice as well.

The most recently-published post is in a large prominent space on the left side of the page.  The text on that post is bigger and bolder than the other text on the page.  I think typography has a lot to do with how comfortable an audience (and author) of a website is during the experience.  It grabs your attention, but not in an annoying way.  It’s all sans-serif typeface, which is nice and easy to read.