Me swimming with a dolphin in Mexico!

The thoughts and feelings of a blogger are expressed through the words they write and post for all to see. But written words are not the only way to express these thoughts. Photos, colors, designs…they all add to a blog. They all also attract readers. No one wants to go to a website that only has black text on a white background. That’s just boring and doesn’t optimize on what the possibilities are for a blog.

The design of a blog and the photos used should represent not only you but also what you are trying to say.

I chose to have two hands creating a heart at the top of my blog because it represents love and unity. A blog is a place for one to express themselves and to also get others thoughts on what they have to say. Through this communication a unity is created. The unity is created because it shows that people care what others have to say and how they think and feel. This in turn creates a feeling of love, which explains why I chose this photo.

I chose a pretty simple layout with all neutral colors except for the blues in the photo and the hot pink text. I don’t like clutter and I feel that the focus should be on the thoughts and expressions so ideas can be exchanged and grown with out being bogged down with so many things. I liked the blues that are in the photo at the top because they are very calming colors. It also reminded me of the ocean which is one of my favorite places to travel. Cruises are also one of my favorite traveling experiences, and of course when on a cruise all you see is the blue ocean and the blue sky. I chose hot pink because I am a very girly girl and I do love pink. I didn’t want to put too much pink and make this look like a blog for 5 year old girls (I tend to do that). haha. But I thought this was just enough pink to show my girly side!