Keep it Simple, Stu…well you get the point.

The theme I chose for my blog is plain and simple but at the same time has the effect of the bright lights at a concert. It is upbeat and different than a plain white space blog.

I am a simple girl who likes the colorfulness of the bright lights. In his article, Five Principles to Design By by Joshua Porter, he discusses that “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.” I love when things are simple, especially for a blog. When there are too many widgets or text on a blog, I feel like it is cluttered. That is why my theme only has a “Calendar,” “Recent Posts,” and “Recent Comments” widget. I feel like the reader should automatically know where to go on the page. They should be able to find what they are looking for easily instead of scrolling up and down for information.

I love adding an “About Me” page to my blog. I feel like people should know who is writing the blog. It also welcomes the reader to learn about the writer. From Twenty Usability Tips for Your Blog, it says that  ”your blog reveals your personal views, so introduce yourself to your readers. Don’t blog anonymously.” When I read someone else’s blog, I find it interesting where they live or what they do for a living because I like making scenarios of what the writer does and how they develop their ideas in their blogs. I kept my “About me” simple where I added my hobbies and pictures that I have taken.

I really do enjoy the color scheme used in this theme especially. I love different shades of greens and blues especially when they are put together. There is not a lot of contrast but just enough for it to be pleasing. I also like the typography of the title and text. It is different yet readable. It is also not the plain “Times New Roman” but something that is professional looking. It was very easy to customize this theme. I can change the background and color schemes to whatever I feel like. It also looks professional yet has my personality in it.