“Newspaper columnists ought to be the perfect bloggers

This is very true. I believe that blogging is simply an extension of journalism and journalists who don’t already do it should.  It is the obligation and duty of journalists to inform the public. It is through blogging and other social media outlets that enables journalism to do that very task. Blogging provides an opportunity to better your journalistic skills and help reach out to and interact with your audience, in a way that is on a more personal level. A way that you cannot do if you did not use social media.

After reading his article, I believe that Nile provides some valid points and he does make a very good argument. It is to no surprise that modern day technology is advancing right before our very eyes. Though that may be true, does that mean and you are not a good journalist if you aren’t up-to-date on social media?

“Social media tools are just that… tools. Don’t become obsessed with learning the latest and most fashionable that you forget the job you’re trying to do with those tools.” – Robert Nile

Social media is simply another tool, just like when the printing press was invented.Blogging is simply another way to get information to the public, and If used properly, it can be highly beneficial to you and determine the success of your career. Although I do miss the days of pen and paper, society and technology are both advancing with or without you. In order to stay in the game you want to constantly educate yourself on anything that can be beneficial to you or your following.

Yes, there are some journalists who argue that their time is wasted learning how to use certain social media outlets and their time could be better used fulfilling their journalistic purpose. Still, I have to wonder; isn’t blogging and other social media forums just other ways to do that very thing?

The importance of Blogging in online marketing is almost indescribable, especially when building your brand. Blogging reaches You should entertain and inform your audience about things you are passionate for. This way, it can become an enjoyable interaction between you and your audience on a more personal level. I believe in order to be a successful journalist; you should always try to perfect your craft. However, your craft should be something you are passionate for, and you should not become obsessed.

“Only writing about a passion will elicit the energy and stamina that you will need to remain relevant in a hyper-competitive online information marketplace. And only your passion will animate your voice to level required to help your work stand ahead of others.” – Robert Nile

Does that mean modern journalists should be expected to learn and use digital journalistic techniques?

After reading Roberts Niles article, I would have to say yes. It is the duty of journalists to inform the public of truthful, and authentic stories. However, it is also the journalists’ duty to know who their audience is. Society is advancing all around us; therefore journalists should be no exception.

Though society has made it a per-requisite to constantly stay up-to-date with all modern day technology and it can be highly beneficial, Nile make another very valid point when he elaborates how the key to success is to be passionate about what you’re doing. The key is look at blogging and social media outlets, in way that is positive. Don’t look at it like you are being forced to change your technique, but look at it as an opportunity to expand your knowledge about other ways you can communicate with your audience. Society and technology are both advancing with or without you. YOU HAVE A VOICE. LET IT BE HEARD!!!!!!!!




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