It’s true that relationships have changed between journalists and technology. Our modern electronic devices seem to be getting younger and younger and becoming more user-friendly. Meanwhile, journalists are people who don’t have that same ability. There’s no fine line between technology’s knowledge and a journalist’s knowledge of technology. It almost seems so natural for broadcast journalists to update themselves along with their equipment, that seems to be required. But where does this leave our print journalists?

Multimedia journalism has vastly changed over the years, especially with the way we interact with one another on the internet. We are so consumed by the internet that it’s as if a relationship between two people can always remain virtual through a life only on the computer without them ever meeting face to face. We can thank Facebook, Twitter, and more intimate modes like Skype for this. However, these elements have changed our world for the best with convenience and time management purposes. Journalists have been forced by their jobs to become up to date with these technologies, along with equipment that they must work with. Print and broadcast journalists should not be segregated in terms of technology. They work with it on a daily basis and become engrossed with it throughout the countless hours of updating, blogging, and posting their stories for the world to see. This is the only way to stay efficient with their jobs and to engage more with readers or viewers.

It is by all means that ALL journalists should become fluent with modern technology. They should have their work online to become more approachable and accessible for their own benefit and their consumers. Further more, all of the work submitted online is just saving more paper and it’s a lot less trees cut down for the sake of news and marketing. And in regards to interaction, people now have the ability to respond to the work of journalists through comment columns, emails, social networks, etc.

Journalists grow just like technology, but in different directions. Technology becomes younger, we have no choice but to get older. Regardless, we should always find that busy median with technology for a better and friendlier work experience. That intersection does exist between technology and journalists, and lucky for us, we have found it. It is taking place right now. We have made the world a virtual and fast place to be. We must stay up to date with it as journalists, because this is only the beginning to what the world has yet to accomplish through the realms of wonder that goes beyond measure.