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The world of journalism is changing as we know it.  Print journalism is slowly becoming a dying breed in the industry.  The world is becoming increasingly dependent on their smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and other multimedia devices.  We are now able to access news on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.  Twitter was how the rest of the world was able to keep in contact real time with the Egyptian people who had been blocked off the Internet by their own government.  Had it not been for Twitter the Egyptians would have been cut off from the world.  Many news outlets have started to utilize these social tools by setting up accounts.  They are now able to connect with the masses in seconds delivering the latest breaking news updates directly to your multimedia device.  Many accounts also have blogs linked into their account allowing readers to develop a personal relationship with the writer.  The writer, and reader are able to communicate with each other as well as other readers, opening up a public forum of questions and sometimes even a healthy debate.  I think this allows the reader to have more trust in the journalist because they are able to interact with them in seconds verses just seeing them on the news, or reading their words in the paper.  As students we are all learning the fundamentals in all aspects of the field, instead of honing in on one aspect of the field, we need to become experts in it all.  To be successful in the industry today we should all be able to write, interview, film, develop websites, and broadcast our own features.  With the advancement of technology, as journalists we too need to advance our skills set and grow as professionals to keep pace with the ever changing market.