The question on whether or not modern journalists should be expected to learn updated journalistic techniques is a rather good question.  With the world vastly transforming into a technological atmosphere, it is only fair that everyone get on board.  Modern journalists should be of no exception to this change.  Technology and the web have served as a vice to help make work, play and life in general a whole lot easier.  So why are people so apprehensive to the changes that have been occurring for over the past decade.

It’s a hard pill to swallow for some folks who have been in the journalism industry many years to all of a sudden change their ways of doing things and  adhere to social media and technology.  With that said, however, I believe that journalism have a duty to keep technology and the changes of the world.

The web and social media can make a journalist reach out to many more people (if done right of course).  There are so many people who have already converted to technological based applications for their news reading and it would make it a lot easier for journalists to bring in new readers.  Because the readers are able adapt that gives no excuse for the writers.  Studies show that online journalism is much more desired than every.  Journalists who have their work posted online is at an advantage because it allows them to reach their readers and personalize their work.  Comment boxes are very popular for online newspapers, blogs and social media to have and this is where readers can truly interact with the journalist and one another.  With everyone having an opinion, it’s easy for them to jot it down and have other people read it including the journalist who can also reply if needed.

Everything now days is about branding.  You want everyone to be able to connect with you and understand your views.  Social media is a perfect way to brand yourself and create loyal followers.  Facebook and Twitter are the main sources of branding and can become very reliable.  Even journalism students are being told that branding is a great idea to set yourself apart.  Through these social media outlets people are able to contact you, give you shout outs for doing good work or the opposite.  Negative remarks are a part of the job and that’s why journalists are forced to develop very tough skin.  With social media sites, journalists can also share some personal information that will help their readers/followers to understand the journalists better.  The readers are able to connect with the journalists outside of the stories that are being written and read.

Journalists are needed to write stories and keep up with technology and the world.  This is very important because journalists have a duty to deliver stories and they also have a duty to acquire as many readers as possible.  To do this it is very important for journalist to stay on top of the technology  changes.