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I believe newspaper columnist would create some of the best bloggers of our time. They have the ability to reel readers in and keep them. A blogger thrives off of that attention. Newspaper columnists would make perfect bloggers if they were up to date with digital journalistic techniques. I think modern journalists should be expected to know the basic skills for digital journalism because most people get their news digitally. Although, it shouldn’t be required because if a columnist isn’t comfortable writing digitally then their work wouldn’t be as passionate. Journalists who see the benefits in digital journalism should take full advantage of it. The perfect blogger’s day job would be to write for a newspaper of some sort. If I were a newspaper columnist I would want to be familiar with digital journalism as well so that my readers can access a different source of my writing and they can also engage in it as well. The great thing about digital journalism is it is interactive with the readers and writers, where as a newspaper is one way channeled. Also, digital journalism is a great way to create an online brand for oneself. According to the article “Newspaper columnist ought to be the perfect bloggers” by Robert Niles says “I told the group that your brand in the Internet era is the public’s perception of its relationship with you”. People can read and respond to your writing whenever they’d like and it is kept on file for them. Journalism is a field that grows on a daily basis, especially with technology being a primary source for receiving news. Many people think that one cannot get paid for publishing online article, but that is not true. Many organizations have a online based paper where their columnist publish daily. Many articles we read are online therefore, it is important that the writers continue to produce their work online. For example, the Wall Street Journal has print newspapers and online access to their article. The readers get to leave feedback and also explore the website for other articles that may interest them. With that being said I believe digital journalism is very important in this day and age and it would be beneficial for any columnist to take the time and learn online techniques to help get their name and work out there.