I believe there is room for print journalists in emerging forms of media if they are willing to adapt and learn the new techniques necessary to stay relevant. Unfortunately, it is the Luddites, unwilling to learn the new technology that will not survive the convergence journalism is going through. The key to understanding where all the journalism jobs have gone has to do with the media usage in this country. If the public is constantly getting more and more of their news from the internet, the internet will be where the journalism jobs are going to be. For print journalists to get their content read by the public they must turn to the web.

“Newspaper columnists ought to be the perfect bloggers – the best write in a lively voice and forge a strong connection with their readers. Their work build an ongoing conversation with the communities they cover. Frankly, they’ve been blogging (in print) since long before anyone other than academics and soldiers went online.” by Robert Niles.

There has been a major shift in the journalism world that few could have been ready for. That said, there is a silver lining to this storm cloud. I think there can be room for specialists in any field, but I think that requires the specialist a) know their stuff backwards and forwards and b) can do their specialty better than most. Without news gathering and reporting there would be no journalism. Blogging and social media are just hybrids that the public found suited their lives. Remembering we live in a world of sound bytes is only worsened by our cultures common practice of multitasking.

Journalists just graduating college, seeking jobs are expected to write, shoot, edit, and later post their stories online. The only advantage being, the group in college and leaving college is the first generation to live with the type of access technology gives us today. This doesn’t mean every person has to be a one man show. Companies still value collaboration and the ability to work with others. Overall, I believe modern journalists should be expected to learn and use digital journalistic techniques.