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For those who followed the 2015-16 Runnin’ Rebels basketball season, knows how turbulent it got midseason after the firing of Coach Rice three games into conference play. A series of injuries and NCAA violations later, the future of UNLV basketball was at a crossroads and so were its players.

Most transferred out, a few graduated and not surprisingly freshman prodigy Stephen Zimmerman and sophomore standout Patrick McCaw both entered their name in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Well, last Thursday draft dreams became a reality for both UNLV players.

With pick No. 38 early in the second-round of the NBA Draft, Golden State sent $2.4 million to the Milwaukee Bucks for the draft rights to McCaw. Guess Golden State really put their money where their mouth is, investing that much money on a second-round pick.

Photo courtesy: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Photo courtesy: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Something else that’s crazy, McCaw has already agreed to a guaranteed two-year contract with the Warriors. Most first-round picks haven’t even guaranteed themselves a roster spot for the upcoming season yet.

McCaw has tremendous upside and was considered a “sleeper” to many in the basketball world including insiders, professional scouts, analysts and coaches. The 6’7 combo guard has a 6’10 wingspan really has the ability to become a defensive machine in the league with a few years of development and training.

McCaw spent two years at UNLV and averaged 14.7 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.9 assists while shooting 36 percent from behind the arc last season. Not only was he UNLV’s go-to player on the court but he was the best all-around player.

McCaw’s 3-and-D abilities as a wing along with his perimeter defense definitely makes his value a steal for a second-round pick.

Photo Courtesy: Bryan Bartley
Photo Courtesy: Bryan Bartley

For those unfamiliar what a “3-and-D’ player is, it’s a player that can stretch the defense and play in one-on-one match-ups while creating space offensively to knock down open jumpers.

And, what better backcourt to learn from than Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

You can catch McCaw back in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League July 8-18 at the Thomas and Mack Center

Splash Splash.


3 thoughts on “The Third Splash Bro”

  1. Great post! I follow UNLV basketball and watched the NBA draft so it was great to see Zimmerman and McCaw get picked up. It was interesting to see McCaw get drafted before Zimmerman as Zimmerman was once predicted to be a top 15 pick, but since he was pretty ineffective last year his stock dropped. I hope the Runnin’ Rebels are good next season as with all the recent off-season drama I’m starting to lose hope.

  2. This was such a cool post. I like how you decided to do a story about someone making it into the NBA from UNLV. I don’t follow UNLV basketball so I had no clue this happened. I’m happy I had to chance to read up on this so I’m not completely lost next time I talk to someone that knows more about UNLV basketball than I do. I like how the mini bio you did on McGraw and provided a little background on his life. Great post, keep up the good work!

  3. I really enjoyed your blog and podcast. I am normally more interested in professional leveled sports versus collegiate level, so I especially liked how this was relevant to both. I am so glad that someone from UNLV is getting recognition and starting a professional career. Thank you for providing photos and background for McGraw as well. It really made clear all of the essential information to all, even if you do not follow college basketball, or sports in general for that matter.

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