Power of Social Media

Facebook launched in 2004 and shortly after Twitter launched itself in 2006.

Now, over 10 years later, it’s hard to think of a life without the use of not only the Internet but social media specifically, especially for millennials.


Social media has been a huge impact for journalists in the recent years and the advantage shift that sides with the youth is impressive. A new age journalists should take advantage of the platforms available, it’s definitely important in publishing or showcasing their work.

Microblogs like Twitter has to be the most popular type of social media as it can be used regularly to gather information as well as report stories. All the breaking news seems to be out on Twitter first, sometimes before it even reaches airwaves.

Utilizing Twitter and Facebook allows journalists to stay in touch with their audiences, get ideas for new stories, check in on recent developments and even scope out competition in the field.  imagesBy far the best practices for social media has to be self promotion and networking opportunities. Both Twitter and Facebook allows journalists to share their work with others and be more engaged with their audience. It also allows for faster reporting than traditional journalistic mediums.

Mandy Jenkins of zombiejournalism.com published a very useful blog post on resources for social media beginners on how to get better acquainted with certain sites. It’s resources such as Mandy’s post that are great multimedia tools to better educate or even learn new tricks to make the most out of your social media sites.

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