Neutrally Monochromatic

There are a lot of benefits of using a monochromatic color palette as your theme and that’s one of the reasons I chose this specific blog design. cvetovaya-palitra-1843Choosing simple neutral hues to work with allows me to keep my blog simplistic while adding some contrast with the wine hues without having it fade into the background. The simplicity of the palette and accenting hue will give more room for my posts to shine with the white background to contrast the gray/sand-ish color way. The overall key for this blog theme is simplicity and harmony, I want it easy on the eyes of the reader without much clutter in surrounding areas of the page.

I think the amount of white space is perfect because it balances my color palette without too much contrast that the viewer loses focus of posts or gets easily distracted with visuals. 4db2163f7e098da368d5e774a7241c70While others may find monochromatic colors boring and dull, I believe and gray and brown shades evoke relaxing and genuine emotion while keeping traditional and earthy vibes (it’s the Capricorn coming out in me). The white background adds cleanliness and simplicity, which is what I keep referring back to as the central theme of my blog space.

There’s two column support available (I think) and the typography balances out the theme very well. The font type seems to correspond with the Serif and Sans Serif family such as Arial and Helvetica that we’ve already familiar with. The typeface is composed of simple lines that are again, easy to read. While these fonts may be boring to some who enjoy different variations of script or handwritten fonts to give their page some character and artistic appeal. While I do enjoy those type of fonts, I believe they don’t belong in a professional-esque blog.

The amount of customization is another great asset to this theme because as a user, you’re able to detail the site identity to your liking. This-is-you-browsing-the-Funny-Pictures-BlogThere are multiple color scheme options with the background, header and sidebar text and background color or you can choose a color palette if you’re not on the creative side. There are both header and background imaging options available too if you wanted to manipulate images to work with your color choices. Then, there’s the basic widget and menu  options to finish up your customization.

There’s three different image placement options for this theme, so it’s fun to see how each blogger individualizes their page. I chose to go with a picture of myself in the logo box which I originally had as a picture of media credentials. Aside from the logo box, you can place an image into your header column or as a whole background image.



4 thoughts on “Neutrally Monochromatic”

  1. I love how you equate the monochromatic color theme with harmony. The two go together so well, but in such a subtle way the reader doesn’t even notice. I find the vibe to be very inviting, and the text easy to read, which is what I believe you were going for. It sounds like you put a lot of thought into your theme and as stated in this week’s reading, the final product is user-friendly and guides the reader without distracting him/her. I think you did an excellent job and the thought really shines.

  2. I love your decision to incorporate images of color palettes into your post. The color choices really reflect the simplicity and harmony you were looking for. Although the article we had read mentioned the possible issues with the color red, I think it is a great accent color. Design wise the only thing that really stuck out to me was that your categories are all in lowercase lettering but the titles of your articles use capitalization. I am looking forward to your future posts!

  3. To start things off, your blog post was so simple and aesthetically pleasing. Your linking and use of pictures were perfect! I can tell that some of your personality also came out throughout this blog post which is very important. The amount of customization you were able to use really worked with your theme as well because you were able to make it exactly how you wanted it. Your theme was both simple and relaxing, and I enjoyed reading all of it.

  4. I agree that the color pattern of this theme really does put your posts in the spotlight! The colors are very soothing and easy on the eyes, making everything on your page easy to find and navigate. I also like how your main column is on the left and not front and center, putting more emphasis on your posts. Great choice!

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