A New Wave of Journalism


Blogging is branding but not all branding has to include blogging. In a time where everything has gone viral, it seems that journalism has taken a step into the digital world as well. Social media has played a huge role into the expansion of print publications not including a new wave of (M)ulti(M)edia(J)ournalist’s in the recent years. When it comes to journalism, employers want it all, while focusing on one concentration may be hard enough to excel at, you now have to add in radio, broadcast, print, imc, pubic relations or vice versa.

Encompassing all the aspects it takes into becoming a great journalism in whatever field you choose may be difficult as it is, 9a4f2cbc460f50bfe142f50a43052ccebut that difficulty now doubles for already established journalists that possibly didn’t even have Internet when they broke into the field. Millennials nowadays have no problem with digital technology with all of our Apple products attached to us at all times and being journalists, we have to learn completely new skills, techniques and approaches to excel at our craft and set ourselves apart from the pack.

The beauty of journalism allows each journalist to approach the field how they please in a variety of different ways, whether their goal is to be a newscaster, radio personality, foreign correspondent, and more recently, social media positions have started to establish in most large corporations. Being a MMJ and learning digital techniques allows not only themselves but their stories to be multi-dimensional as well. Multimedia storytelling shows that a journalist is able to combine text, photographs, video clips, audio and graphics all by themselves and that, well that’s extremely impressive in today’s competitive market. Now, throw in the capabilities of real-time Tweeting, Periscope etc and you become instantly utilizable in a workplace.

Focusing on one medium is so early 2000’s, convergence journalism has been on the rise and and with the Internet it’s making journalism feel new and exciting again. Being skilled in more than one journalistic discipline is the future of this field, someone who can publish a news story online and produce a broadcast package in the same day is a lot more efficient than a columnist or beat writer.

Start learning and practicing all forms of journalism, the world of media convergence awaits your thoughts.


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