How to design a blog in WordPress

Designing a blog is complicated. You want your design to look perfect since it is a portal to share your work with the world. Being a journalism student in the 21st century and constantly being reminded you are a millennial can be daunting. You are expected to be an expert in all facets of technology, which includes keeping a personal blog. Luckily, WordPress and other blogging hosts make web design simple for those who might not be very tech savvy.

WordPress doesn’t expect you to build your own website from the ground up. You have the option to choose a theme for your blog from hundreds of options. WordPress makes it easy to find a theme that fits your vision while still leaving a lot of freedom for customization.

After choosing the theme the customization begins. This is where you let your vision run wild and let your personality show. In the end you will most likely end up with something that looked nothing like the sample page you had envisioned. Hopefully, it will look better than you had imagined. Customizing let’s you add pictures, like a banner picture and icons, change the color scheme, decide on a professional and legible font, and add pages. For example, you can create an “about” page to give readers insight into who you are.

You can also add “widgets.” They allow you to link to different social media accounts via small icons, create a navigation bar that is easy for readers to function, and display pictures from your Flickr account in your sidebar. They are extremely useful tools and easy to use for both the blogger and the reader.

Once you have a simple setup that you are pleased with, then get to writing! Transitioning between your site and dashboard is easy and keeping up with posts is simple and organized.


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  1. Hi Ashtyn,
    I did a similar video for my project. I like the up-close screenshots you used, but I’m wondering why you didn’t use screencapture or narration for any of it. I think those elements would have made your video a little more engaging.

    1. Hi Lawren,
      You are right! I tried using screen capture, but on Windows every time I tried to open the video it would open it in the Xbox app as if I were trying to record a game. It forces you to log in to Xbox live which is a paid subscription. Being the procrastinator I am I couldn’t think quick enough to come up with a plan B. I did have narration recorded but my allergies have been the death of me lately, so on top of already having a nasally voice it also sounded like I smoked a carton a day. I wanted to spare everyone from having to listen to that. haha

  2. I love love love that you are taking everything we have learned and making it your own version. Sometimes taking advice from a peer is far more understandable than from a professor or employer or whatever else. You do a great job of making it relevant and engaging to read. Great post!

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