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designing a blog should be fun. Choosing themes and colors schemes to jazz up your personal work to put on display for the world is exciting. Unless, of course, you are like me and have the technological skills of a 90-year-old…in the year 1436…but, I digress. So join me on a brief adventure while I explain why I’ve chosen the theme I have and the problems that came along with it.

After scrolling and scrolling through hundreds of themes and being disappointed in several when the live preview looked nothing like the theme I clicked on, I decided I want something simple and modern. I eventually came across the “Olsen Light” theme and fell in love. It had the aesthetic of one of those people on Instagram who post gorgeous photos of their vacations and house plants in their bohemian style lofts for a living.

I wanted the mood and tone to be simple and modern. I wanted there to be a lot of white space instead of the screen being filled to the brim with text, links, and a rainbow palette of colors pulling the eye in every direction. I wanted it to look as simple as it is to navigate. I wanted to stick to a black and white color scheme. When choosing pictures under the “about me” area on the sidebar I tried to make sure they had similar color schemes so they wouldn’t look too out of place. The blog supports one column and has a small and sophisticated type style that is eligible to the reader.

However, I did run into some issues especially when it came to the header and “logo” associated with this theme. In the preview it has a huge banner image that I assumed I could easily recreate. But when I clicked header it only gave me the option to check a box that allowed me to show social icons. Then I noticed the “site identity” tab where it allowed me to remove the “Olsen” logo, name the site, add a tagline, and upload my own picture. Unfortunately, every time I tried to add a picture it would cover up my blog title completely and no amount of cropping or padding would make it show up so I got rid of it completely. I want readers to know who’s blog they are on, not to be confused as they are greeted by a photo of the back of my head and a small cheeky tagline. So I moved the picture to a tiny square underneath the about me page and other visuals will come within the blog posts.

Of course, these issues would probably have easy solutions for someone not like me. Like I said I have the technological capabilities of someone in the 15th century…seriously…I had to google “widget.” But I managed to create a functional page that I’m pretty content with. Though it will most likely keep changing as I learn my way around all of the customization tools.

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  1. Hi Ashtyn,
    Sometimes I too feel like I’m from the 15th century. And you’re not alone, I had to ask my boyfriend what a widget is (he rolled his eyes at me). I like that you stuck to a simple black and white theme and I can tell that you put work into customizing it to your liking. The photos add a nice pop of color. I look forward to seeing how your blog progresses as the class continues.

  2. I absolutely love the photo you chose for your article! The design choices in general really caught my attention. The simplicity of the blog really makes the images tie in very well. Did this theme give you the option to choose a font? I ran into issues with the “site identity” image as well. I’m still trying to decide which route I want to go with that. I look forward to seeing how your blog will progress over the course of the class.

  3. Do not worry about feeling like 90-year-old because I did too with this assignment. However, I do enjoy your layout, it is also something that I am trying to go for. Modern and have a lot of white space. It’s crazy that you had to google “widget” because I did too! Hopefully we learn a lot more in this class and don’t feel as old! You’re doing a great job and it’s looking great!

  4. I really like the simplicity of your blog style. It’s far to often that I get onto a blog or web page I’m looking into and just get overwhelmed! I think for the most part with the internet less is more. I like the two different photo shapes you choose also, it adds contrast but still keeping a clean look. So many famous bloggers, Instagram stalked social lights, and twenty somethings trying to catch a following are always looking for the next big thing. In my opinion its the simplicity and constancy that will get you a following. Myself, just like you feel like I’m a million years old and technologically challenged. I feel your pain!!

  5. I really love your blog! It seems like you have probably blogged before in the past and you have a very good design.I have also ran into issues when creating my blog posts, and I think just about everyone has ran into issues. Blogs can definitely be confusing at times, but I think your blog is very good overall.

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