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The Beauty in Simplicity

An important and somewhat overlooked component when designing a blog includes the overall theme. In order to entice readers, a blogger’s theme should be professional while also pleasing to the eye. According to an article on Bokardo.com that details the desired points of blog design, a blog theme should assist the reader through an easy to follow format while also being stylistically simple. In fact, the article suggests that a layout rich in simplicity suggests a great deal of sophistication. Due to these ideas, I selected a straightforward theme that also possess a great deal of comprehensibility.

In terms of design, I am primarily attracted to a minimalistic style which is why I chose a clean and simple layout. The overall mood remains professional and upbeat rather than cluttered and distracting. White space is accurately executed through the spacing between posts that allows the theme to have a sufficient flow. I chose to keep the color theme white with black text as it looks the most aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, I feel as if the black and white color scheme remains the most professional and simplistic. Most of all, I liked this layout in particular because it contains a collection of images in a montage style format as opposed to a typical columned blog. As I write additional posts, the homepage of my blog will continue to look more appealing. I am a visual person that appreciates interesting images that draw a reader into a text post. Thus, the proper use of images is especially significant in this theme as it is the primary entry point for each post. As it should be, the type face of the layout is non-distracting in order to not take away from the message within the post. It is also a good size as it is not too big or small but adequately readable. This theme in particular, however, is not too customizable as you cannot alter the header or most elements within the overall layout. Seemingly the only customizable element is the color scheme of the blog.

The other article I chose to base my blog’s design on stressed the importance of accessibility for the reader. This includes the reader to easily find a link in which to submit a comment, search within the blog for specific posts, and having a designated “about” link in order for an audience to learn more about the writer. I think my layout sufficiently highlights these features to promote further reader interaction. Overall, my simple yet visually appealing blog layout remains professional while also maintaining a certain level of visual interest.


  1. Posted June 18, 2016 at 5:47 am | #

    Your design is so simple, but so eye-catching! I have the shortest attention span, so simplicity is important to me as it gets straight to the point. The text on your blog is also very nice. I didn’t find myself squinting trying to read and the colors are basic making it easy on the eyes. When designing my blog, I also heavily considered accessibility because not everyone is patient enough to navigate around a site for 10 minutes trying to find what they need. The longer they spend searching, the quicker their patience runs out, resulting in them leaving the site altogether. You did a great job at picking a theme and explaining your choices!

  2. Posted June 18, 2016 at 5:04 pm | #

    Hello Ashley,

    Great title! You mentioned that a blog post should be professional and pleasing to the eye. This is exactly what you have done with this blog post; it is great advice for those new to blogging. I like how you kept your blog design simple with the black and white colors. It is not distracting, or too colorful so the reader will not be overwhelmed. It was also easy for me to post a comment on your blog (which is what you were going for). Great job overall on your blog post!.

  3. Posted June 19, 2016 at 4:02 pm | #

    I really like the theme. Having the pictures and dates of the blog post, and then showing the title as you pass over the picture makes it easy to find posts instead of just being a bunch of words. I also like the more simple themes, it makes it easier for reader’s to navigate through the blog. Great job!

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