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Things to Do on The Las Vegas Strip for Free


Photo by Ariana DeCastro

When people come to Las Vegas, they’re usually ready to splurge a good amount of money towards good food, delicious drinks, and sinful slot machines.

But tourists don’t always have to spend their money to see all that Vegas has to offer.

Some of the best Vegas sights are free to see! This post is a guide on spending a fun night in Vegas for free!

Your First Stop

The Bellagio: Head inside to see their Conservatory & Botanical Garden filled with beautiful designs by horticulturalists. The Conservatory & Botanical Garden changes its decor seasonally, with themes ranging from “Summer Under the Sea,” the “Harvest Show,” and the “Holiday Show.” It’s really a sight to see.

Your Second Stop

Outside of The Bellagio: The Fountains at Bellagio is a must-see spot. This is one of those signature Vegas spots that many people will visit multiple times. This elaborate water show performs with slow and fast music, so each time you go, you’ll never know what to expect.

Your Third Stop

Caesars Palace: From The Bellagio, you want to make the walk to Caesars Palace and walk through the Forum Shops. At the center of the Nike Factory Store and Cheesecake Factory are statues that you’d think are just… well, statues. But they’re actually animatronic figures! And these animatronic figures make up the “Fall of Atlantis” show that recounts the myth of Atlantis. There are unbelievable water and fire effects that you’d never think could happen inside of a building. There’s so much fire and water that you actually feel the heat and the mist on your face during the show.

Your Last Stop

The Cosmopolitan: On the third floor of The Cosmopolitan, there is a large lounge area with a pool table. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and cool down, especially in the scorching Vegas heat. If you find the Secret Pizza place that’s in The Cosmopolitan, I highly suggest ordering a slice (or a box) of pizza (no shame!) and enjoy the rest of your night eating pizza and playing pool.

(Parking tip: Park at Planet Hollywood across the street from The Bellagio and The Cosmopolitan. It’s less congested to get to get to the Planet Hollywood garage and easier to get out after you’re done).

And there you have it! You spent a night in Vegas not spending a dime! (Besides for that pizza, but that’s okay).

Comment below if you know of any other places to go to in Vegas for free!

Happy touring!

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