Generational Journalists Finding their Niche

Real journalists need to be able to adapt to their environment. In general every person who has a job should look for and beckon change because this means that newer and greater ideas are here to improve the culture of your workplace. Without change there is no improvement.

The growth of social media over the years has made it that much more important to learn how to properly blog and cover stories. Journalists should truly grasp this idea and just run with it because they should know more than anyone that news always changes every day.

Yes, Journalists nowadays should be pro-bloggers, but with the generational change from print to online media–online being the hub for millennials while print being the niche for prior generations–just shows that sometimes it is hard to identify with new values.

In my opinion new and upcoming journalists who come from the technological generation would love to manage and create brand images for their social media. Part of the reason is because we tend to enjoy consuming this media more than any other generation. We are on our phones 24/7, and we tend to not even notice it one bit.

It seems with the news happening everywhere at the tip of our fingers, stories are having a harder time sticking because of the amount of reporters we have out there. Nolan Lemon commented that because there is no separation between the end and start of a day, people lost that advantage which makes it possible for a two-way conversation unlike the one way take with newspapers.

In contrast there were people like Michael Ferrier who opposed the digital age as a way for a true journalist to create worthy posts. He claimed that blogs required a different mindset than column writing, almost insinuating that even though a blogger and a journalist write stories, they still have their differences that makes them unique. He also stated that while he was a columnist he still replied to emails on the daily, making it clear that in his eyes two-way conversations were still alive even before social media.

So at the end of the day it really is all about personal preference whether or not you like to encourage this new way of reporting or to stick to your own ways.


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