The sun’s rays beat upon hikers as they trekked their way to the end of a trail that seemed to have no end. Constant switchbacks gave the illusion that the final stretch was only one more zigzag away. Pushing each foot forward, hikers climbed their way to top of Mary Jane Falls, one of the popular hiking trails found just an hour away from the Las Vegas Strip.

Temperatures reached over 100 degrees in the Las Vegas Valley on Tuesday, causing an excessive heat warning to be in effect for a majority of the day. The lack of shade and abundance of hot pavement made walking outside uninviting, especially on the Strip. Not only do locations like Mt. Charleston, allow locals and tourists to escape the heat, visitors can experience the lesser known Las Vegas attractions.

The Mary Jane Falls is a 1.5 mile hike found in Kyle Canyon. With plenty of parking at the head of the trail, hikers can easily find their way. While the water cascading down the falls is seasonal, the falls are still visible throughout spring and into the fall. With fresh water being abundant in this area of the mountain, there is a good chance of spotting a variety of wildlife during the hike.

Due to the elevation levels and the degree of the slope, this hike is not for everyone. With a variety of trails to choose from, hikers can visit the new Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway to learn more information on hiking opportunities best suited for them. The complex opened last May, with exhibits and trails of its own in the area.

Although hiking in the mountainous regions of the valley is a great way to beat the heat, safety is key when going out into the trails. The American Hiking Society suggests hikers to bring ten essential items to any hike. These items include: sunscreen, extra water, proper shoes and a map.

For more photos of the Mary Jane Falls trail, click here. Images were taken on a phone’s digital point and shoot camera. In order to accurately describe the falls, these photos were taken as I hiked the trail.

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  1. Wow you were able to capture some really cool pictures. I love your post its very descriptive and informative. I liked that you gave this as an alternative for tourists and locals and I like your safety tips as well. Great post, theme and pictures!

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