Choosing a Theme

I probably went through half a dozen blog themes until I finally came across a style that would work professionally and allow me to really customize the site to fit my personality. With the name ‘Freak’ I’ve found this theme to be everything I would want out of a free web layout. While some of the themes had limited options for customizing the site, I really appreciated that this theme allowed one to really personalize the fonts and overall appearance. In order to make the title of my blog really stand out, I chose the font ‘Lobster’ for its curvy calligraphy. To make sure the text was still cohesive I chose a structured font ‘Khula’ for the body. This allowed the accent text to be catchy but keep the body of the text from overwhelming the reader.


Defining the Mood

Just as an advertisement must capture the audience from first glance, the front of a blog must be able to intrigue a viewer enough to have them continue clicking around the site. Determining how the blog is going to catch their attention is very important in regards to what type of mood will be present. For my blog I decided to keep the default image of the city as the header picture. I wanted to keep the theme involving the city, especially because my tagline involves Las Vegas. Sticking to the emphasis of the city, the color scheme is a mixture of grey, white and salmon accents. Looking into the psychology of colors, Forbes emphasized in an article that pink calms people down. Due to the lack of posts thus far, the homepage of my blog still has a decent amount of white space, making the lack of color more boring than sleek. I’m hoping that after I have posted more the space will not look as barren. Keeping the blog in a one column format also ensures that the site won’t look crowded.


Moving Forward

With so many widgets that are available for use, I am looking forward to the growth of this blog. Over the next few weeks I hope to incorporate social media and other widgets into my sidebars. I am most looking forward to adding a photo collection and a Twitter feed. The usage of extra Plugins will help readers better determine the direction of the blog. Bokardo‘s list of suggested design rules encourages creating a design layout that is so simple the design is invisible. With the way the layout is set up, there is a lot of potential to continue the blog in a cohesive manner.



2 thoughts on “It’s Time We Talk About Creative Customizing

  1. I really enjoy the theme you’ve chosen, I almost chose it myself. It looks very simple and sophisticated. I really like the font you have chosen, it is easy to read. I also liked that you sectioned off your thoughts within the post. It is a neat way to organize your thoughts and easy to read and follow.

  2. I definitely agree with you about the blog having to be able to catch the reader’s attention. I also wrote about how first impressions are everything. What your first page looks like can help shape the way reader’s will think and feel about the rest of it. I really like your theme, and the header photo. I also am really excited to see how the blogs progress with all the widgets available.

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